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VLSI Definitions
           Definitions of the terms that are often used in Chip design world. Please help us to improve the list. You can add VLSI terms and its definitions with out registering in the site.

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Term Definition
Back-endA type of program or process that is not directly accessed by a user. Often it will carry out its tasks independently of the front-end or user interface.
Backside BusIn some architectures, such as Socket 7, the speed of the backside bus determined how fast the microprocessor could talk to its external L2 cache. Newer architectures, such as Slot 1 and most architectures today, have a dedicated L2 cache bus (or dedicated on-chip L2 cache), and a backside bus is no longer required at all.
Ball Grid Array:A style of chip package that sues an array of solder balls to achieve very high interconnect densities.
Band offsetmeasure of \"misalignment\" between energy levels at the interface between two solids; e.g. between Si and gate dielectric in MOS structures.
BandwidthA measure, in some amount of bits per second, of the maximum amount of data that can be sent over a particular cable, interface, or bus.
BatchA group of commands that are executed one at a time.
BatchfileA file in a DOS/Windows environment with the .bat extension. This file type is executable in DOS or at a Windows command prompt. Batch programs are written in a batch programming language that utilizes a superset of standard DOS commands.
BaudUnit of data transmission speed, equal to the number of voltage changes transmitted per second
BCDThe storage of numbers in which each decimal digit is converted into binary and is stored in a single character or byte. For example, a 12-digit number would take 12 bytes.
Behavioral ModelAn efficient reduced order model characterizing the response of a device or system to a range of input excitations.
BenchmarkingThe process of measuring the performance of hardware or software in a specifically defined and strictly controlled environment. The benchmarking result is usually represented by a time or number rating that corresponds to how quickly certain tasks can be completed.
BERTAn analysis of network transmission efficiency that computes the percentage of bits received in error from the total number sent.
Binary TreeAn ordered tree where each node has no more than two child nodes. Child nodes are typically distinguished as left and right child nodes.
Bio-functionalizationChanging the surface properties of part of a device to alter its functionality, for example, using proteins such as antibodies for the detection of a specific pathogen.
BioFlipA Biological Chip, BioMEMSchip packaged using Flip chip technology.
BioMEMSMEMS systems with applications for the biological / analytical chemistry market. .
BiophotonicsThe development and/or application of photonic technologies within the biotechnology and biomedical fields.
BiosensorA sensor incorporating a biological element such as an enzyme, antibody, nucleic acid, micro-organism, or cell.
Bipolar devicesemiconductor device which operation is based on the use of both majority and minority charge carriers;
BITA bit is a binary digit, taking a value of either 0 or 1.
BJTA Bipolar Junction Transistor, or BJT, is a solid-state device in which the current flow between two terminals (the collector and the emitter) is controlled by the amount of current that flows through a third terminal (the base).
Black boxAnything that you put input into and get output from, but don\'t know what\'s inside or how it works.
BluetoothA technology that allows voice and data connections between a wide range of mobile and stationary devices through short-range digital two-way radio.
BootstrapThis either refers to a small piece of intermediate code that will boot up an operating system, or the act of building something without help
BPSThis is generally a measure of how fast some device communicates, usually in thousands of bits per second (Kbps) or millions of bits per second (Mbps).
BroadbandA transmission medium with enough bandwidth to carry multiple voice, video, or data channels simultaneously.
BufferIntermediate storage area, often used to compensate for the different speeds at which hardware units can handle data
BugThis is commonly an error in design or programming in a hardware device or piece of software. The effects of a bug may be as harmless as an extra graphic on the screen, or as harmful as a system crash or loss of data.
BWBandwidth is a range of frequencies, or information, that a circuit can handle or the range of frequencies that a signal contains or occupies.

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