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VLSI Definitions
           Definitions of the terms that are often used in Chip design world. Please help us to improve the list. You can add VLSI terms and its definitions with out registering in the site.

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Term Definition
DACA data converter, or DAC, that receives digital data and outputs a voltage or current proportional to the value of the digital data.
DebugThe act of diagnosing, fixing, or removing bugs from a computer programs.
DefectA physical flaw in a microcircuit that may inhibit microcircuit performance or that may cause a chain of events that will inhibit performance in the near future. Defects include gate oxide shorts, interconnect imperfections, leaky reverse-bias pn junctions, etc.
DefectAn imperfection in the surface structure of a microchip that can cause one or more chips to malfunction.
delay faultA fault revealing a manufacturing defect or design flaw that causes a signal to be delayed outside of its specified delay.
Demux (Demultiplexer)A logic circuit that takes a single input and sends it to one of several outputs.
DepositionThe procedure in which materials are deposited onto a substrate. Usually refers to thin conducting or insulating films used to form MOS gates, capacitors, thin-film resistors, and the interconnect system for an IC.
Design FlowA documented sequence of activities undertaken by a chip or system designer to accomplish a specific design goal. A formal step-by-step description of a particular design methodology.
Design KitA collection of technical information, software, and computer data files that enable a design engineer to model, simulate, and layout microsystems modules using a specific technology
Design verificationA variety of computer simulation procedures used to determine whether a design conforms to its specification. These tools verify the function, performance, testability, radiation hardness, and other specified aspects of a design.
DevelopA synonym for programming. It describes the act of creating a computer program.
DFTDesign For Testability or DFT refers to design techniques that make products easier to test.
DieThe square or rectangular section of a wafer onto which an single integrated circuit is fabricated.
Digital Light Processing.A micromirror display technology commercialized by Texas Instruments. Each image pixel in a large array is represented by an electrostatic driven MEMS Mirror. This reflective technology is far brighter than transmission LCD technology. Technology is widely licensed to conference display projector manufactures such as Proxima and InFocus.
DimpleA small feature or bump, typically a raised square on the surface of a MEMS device. Dimple can be used as mechanical stops. e.g. to control the touch down in a high aspect ratio device.
DiodeAn electronic device with two electrodes/terminals, one called the cathode and the other the anode, and a single PN junction.
Direct currentA type of electrical current that moves in one direction at a constant rate.
DopingAtoms with one less electron than silicon (such as boron), or one more electron than silicon (such as phosphorous), are introduced into the area exposed by the etch process to alter the electrical character of the silicon. These areas are called P-type (boron) or N-type (phosphorous) to reflect their conducting characteristics.
DRAMDynamic Random-Access Memory that uses a continuous clock.
DRCA process, typically fully automated by the layout EDA software that check a layout for fabrication feasibility based on a built in knowledge base.
DRIEDeep Reactive Ion Etching. A fabrication technology that allows lower aspect ratio devices or deep features.
Dry oxidationProcess of thermal oxidation carried out in the moisture-free oxygen.
DSLA mechanism for providing high-speed digital communications over a standard phone line e.g. Internet access
DSM - Deep Sub-Micron.A fabrication process that employs dimensions less than 0.5-micron.

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