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VLSI Definitions
           Definitions of the terms that are often used in Chip design world. Please help us to improve the list. You can add VLSI terms and its definitions with out registering in the site.

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ICA semiconductor device that combines multiple transistors and other components and interconnects on a single piece of semiconductor material.
ImpurityIn semiconductor technology, a material such as boron, phosphorus or arsenic added in small quantities to a crystal to produce an excess of electrons (donor impurity) or holes (acceptor impurity). Also called \"dopant\".
In-line testsTests applied to semiconductor wafers during the fabrication process to detect defects.
InsulatorA material that is a poor conductor of electricity or heat, and used to separate conductors from one another or to protect personnel from active electrical devices. Examples: silicon dioxide (glass), silicon nitride, rubber, ceramics, wood.
IntegrationThe combination of various components to form a system. Heterogeneous integration includes blocks or subsystems from different technologies such as photonics, MEMS, CMOS.
InverterA switch-mode voltage regulator in which output voltage is negative with respect to its input voltage.

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