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VLSI Definitions
           Definitions of the terms that are often used in Chip design world. Please help us to improve the list. You can add VLSI terms and its definitions with out registering in the site.

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Term Definition
Lab-on-CDMEMS / Microfluidic technology applied to analytical instrumentation. The resulting instruments fits onto a standard CD-ROM.
Lab-on-chipMEMS technology applied to analytical instrumentation. The instrument is reduced in size such that it fits onto one chip.
Latent defectA microcircuit defect that is not likely to inhibit performance until well into the microcircuit\'s lifetime.
LayoutThe physical implementation of the components and interconnections which make up an integrated circuit or microsystem chip.
Leakage currentAll undesirable stray current in a microcircuit.
LFSRA shift register in which some of its outputs are connected to the input through some logic gates.
Linear energy transfer (LET)The amount of energy transfered to an IC\'s active area by a traversing charged particle.
LINT checkThe LINT program can be used to detect certain language (can be any language like verilog, vhdl, systemC, C++, C. etc.) constructs that may cause portability problems. In case of HDL LINT check point out malicious codes which may create problem in the final implementation. This is very important especially when a code is handled by different tools. Those problems usually will not identified by simulators.
Read this article about lint check
Logic gatePhysically, a logic gate is a transistor circuit which allows voltages to pass through based on simple logic rules applied to its inputs.

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