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VLSI Definitions
           Definitions of the terms that are often used in Chip design world. Please help us to improve the list. You can add VLSI terms and its definitions with out registering in the site.

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Term Definition
MAPAn automotive industry pressure sensor used to sense fuel injection inlet air pressures for 2-D and 3-D fuel mapping.
MaskA thin photographic film used to transfer part of a circuit pattern to the surface of a semiconductor wafer. A number of masks are used in combination with various additive and subtractive operations, to create the integrated circuits on a wafer.
Mask, trimetalA mask formed by etching a metal protected by a third metal in certain areas.
Masking layerA patterned layer associated with a semiconductor integrated circuit. A typical circuit will require between 12 and 25 masking layers for full definition.
MEMS proA PC based MEMS layout, design and simulation package marketed by MEMSCAP, originally developed by Tanner EDA.
MetastabilityA flip-flop has two well-defined stable conditions, \'1\' and \'0\'. When there is a violation in setup or hold time of Flip-Flop, it enters into a state called metastable state, where the output of Flip-Flop is unpredictable. This is so called metastability. It is also called quasi stable state.
MethodologyThe structured series of steps used in the design of microsystems.
Micro TipA single, field emission Tip used in FED display technology and fast cold cathode vacuum electronics. Derived from the tip used in a scanning –tunneling electron microscope.
Micro-System-TechnologyA more general statement of MEMS including optical and fluidic systems. MST is a more common term than MEMS in Europe and Japan.
MicrocircuitA circuit consisting of a number of transistors built and interconnected on a single semiconductor substrate.
MicroelectronicsThe techniques of designing and fabricating small electronic circuits whose key components measure only billionths of a metre in length. Microelectronics is the “structural steel” that supports electronic and photonic systems.
MicrofluidicsThe study of fluid flow in channels of 100 microns or less in dimension. The use of microfluidics includes applications in biotechnology.
MicromachineStructures and machines with micron feature sizes. These machines can have many functions, including sensing, communication and actuation.
MicromirrorMirrors of very small size and can be fabricated on a chip. Micromirrors are used to steer/scan a light beam at micron scale.
MicrosystemsInclude microelectronics, photonics, optoelectronics, micromachining, microfluidics, embedded software and progressively nano-scale phenomena.
MIPIMIPI The Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance is an open membership organization that includes leading companies in the mobile industry that share the objective of defining and promoting open specifications for interfaces in mobile terminals. MIPI has several working groups such as the 1. Camera Working Group 2. Device Descriptor Block Working Group 3. DigRF 4. Display Working Group 5. High-Speed Synchronous Interface Working Group 6. Low-Speed Multipoint Link Working Group 7. NAND Software Working Group 8. Physical Layer Working Group 9. Software Working Group 10. System Power Management Working Group 11. Test & Debug Working Group 12. UniPro Working Group
Mixed-signalA design in which both analog and digital circuits are present on the same chip.
ModellingThe capture of the physical and functional behaviour of a technology or component within a computer program that is then used to test its response to various stimuli without requiring actual realization.
ModuleAn interconnected subsystem of a number of microsystem components, usually designed to form a building block for more complex systems.
MOSA type of integrated circuit fabrication fabrication process based on insulated gate field effect transistors originating from the VLSI industry. The process layers from top to bottom are: Metal, insulating oxide, semiconductor.
Multi-User MEMS ProcessFoundry process & standard developed by Cronos. The process allow several device / system designs to be fabricated simultaneously on one wafer.

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