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VLSI Definitions
           Definitions of the terms that are often used in Chip design world. Please help us to improve the list. You can add VLSI terms and its definitions with out registering in the site.

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Term Definition
UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter is an IC that converts parallel data to serial, for transmission; and converts received serial data to parallel data.
ULSIA microchip with over one million transistors. Most popular chips today fit this description.
Ultra-thin-oxideoxide thin enough to allow substantial direct tunneling current between metal gate and semiconductor substrate in MOS devices; typically thinner than 3 nm.
Ultraviolet Electron SpectroscopyMethod of material characterization, based on the emission of photoelectrons from the solid stimulated by UV irradiation
Unbuffered MemoryMemory modules that do not support Error Checking and Correcting (ECC) or parity checking functionality.
UndercutUndesired result of the isotropic etching process; etched pattern extends under the resist limiting resolution of the pattern definition process.
Uni-polar devicesemiconductor device which operation is based predominantly on the use of majority charge carriers
Uni-polar transistorsynonymous with Field Effect Transistor, FET, i.e. transistor which operation is controlled by majority carriers only.

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